All florist departments are distinguished with peculiar charm and beauty. Though, Australian department is the most exotic and interesting, as Australia itself is particularly individualistic in terms of climate and flora as well.

Planting of this department was initiated from 1913. It occupies the area of 3, 9 hectare, and is located on both parts of the main road, on southern-western and southern-eastern slopes.

Australian plants were introduced to the Black Seaside of Transcaucasia in 70s of XIX century. The Eucalyptus trees are to be particularly mentioned; expansion of its introduction tests, as well as cultivation in the form of culture was launched in the beginning of XX century.

Sub-family of eucalyptus represents an endemic species of Australia and Tasmani, where it is grown under naturally diverse conditions.

By the data of 1939, out of 1302 species of Plants’ Collection at Batumi Botanical Garden 51 were representatives of Australia. In 1968, out of 1679 species of woody plants, 69 were of Australian origin. According to the data of inventory in 1981-1985, out of 2037 species 110 taxons belong to geographic-florist precinct of Australia-Tasmania.

Up to 200 species of Eucalyptus were rested at the Black Seaside. According to the results of plants’ inventory of Batumi Botanical Garden, during the history of existence, 78 species of Eucalyptus were grown in Australian department of the garden. Their number was considerably decreased according to years. E.g. during 1912/14 eleven species of Eucalyptus were introduced, grown and planed in the open soil, whereas 27 – in 1938, 49 – in 1965, 59 – in 1987; According to the inventory of 2011, 40 species of Eucalyptus are represented in the garden.

As shown with the data of some years, our climate conditions are not favorable for Australian plants; due to low temperature and heavy snowfall Australian plans, especially Eucalyptus species were damaged.

For the year of 2016, 875 taxons were represented in Australian Department, out of which 9 families, 13 sub-families and 69 species being of Australian origin.