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General Information

Goderdzi Alpine Garden is located in Ajara, Khulo Municipality, on the Southern slope of Ajara Trialeti mountain range, in the environs of “Shkernali” territory of Goderdzi Resort. It occupies up to 10 hectare area, on Northern-Eastern exposition and is located at the height of 1960 meters from the sea level. Tenths of years ago a large part of the territory was covered with sub-alpine forest. Goderdzi Alpine Garden territory is distinguished with a diversity of habitats, being represented by forest, meadow, wetland and stony eco-tophy.

Plant collection

Plant collection of Goderdzi Alpine Garden is rather diverse, being basically represented by aborigine species. Currently, there are six types of woody and up to hundred grassy plants.

Concept idea

The idea being formed in 2012 was reflected in the visual part of the document upon spatial planning of Ajara Autonomous Republic: upon preconditions, needs and prospects for establishing Zekari Alpine Garden. The idea was realized in 2016 by Batumi Botanical Garden.


The mission of Goderdzi Alpine Garden is to support accumulation of the local plant collection of high mountain, its documentation and application for scientific, educational and cognitive purposes, as well as to protect and preserve them for future generations.

Future plans of Goderdzi Alpine Garden is

1. Plant Conservation

Conservatism of the diversity of local flora species with narrow local distribution (in situ and ex situ conservation of the species and habitats);

2. Supporting eco-education

Application of the collections gathered in Alpine Zone for scientific, educational, cognitive and tourist purposes;

3. Restoration of sub-alpine forest zone

Breeding of planting materials (saplings) shall be realized in Goderdzi Alpine Garden, ensuring restoration of the environing territory and in general, mountainous forest strip.

4. Development of rural tourism

Development of rural tourism will greatly contribute to improvement of the social state of the local population and development of tourist services.

Implemented works:

1. Topo-Geodesy survey and topographic map of the Alpine Garden territory;
2. Architectural project of the garden;

3. Fencing of the territory;

4. Business trips of the Garden specialist ti Munich;

5. Registration of the woody resources and forming a register;

6. Drawing upon separating Alpine garden area from the cadaster;

7. Printing and installation of the Information Banner of Goderdzi Alpine Garden Project;

8. Preparation of landscape and infrastructure project for Goderdzi Alpine Garden;

9. Participation in the International Conference of Alpine Gardens;

10. Multi-year development plan of Goderdzi Alpine Garden;

11. Primary labeling of trees and plants existing in Goderdzi Alpine Garden.

Project supporters:

Project implementation is supported by: Government of Ajara, Batumi City Hall, Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara A/R, Khulo Municipality, “Adjaristsqali Georgia” LLC, Representation of the International Organization „Mercy Corps“ and Alliance for Small Caucasus Program.

Evaluations by local and foreign experts in relation to Goderdzi Alpine Botanical Garden:

  • Favorable location (interesting relief, distinguished habitats, ancient flora);
  • It is important for the Botanical Garden to have a function of Ecological Education;
  • Introduction of the environing territories is to be offered to the tourists (breeding additional income to the locals and forming new development prospects);
  • It is important that local cultural flora shall be maintained at Goderdzi Alpine Garden.

Stone Garden

Stone Garden is one of the most important component of Goderdzi Alpine Garden, being represented in the form of stone formations in certain cases.

Stone Garden enables to represent plant diversity of the Alpine zone. In general, formation of the Alpine Garden requires at least 5 years and total display of the plants - 10 years.

Currently, fragments of the stone garden are being formed in the Goderdzi Alpine Garden of Batumi Botanical Garden, on which a Gardener of Munich Botanical Garden, Helmut Vincent is working together with Georgian specialists.