Today, a Memorandum of Cooperation was concluded between Batumi Botanical Garden and ''Agro Decor'' LTD (Our Yard), whichwas signed by the Directors Mr. Irakli Archaia and Mr. Levan Chanukvadze.

''We have been cooperating for a long time with ''Agro Decor'' LTD in an effective way. In the frame of cooperation, a solid basis was laid for a number of beneficial traditions, which will be also continued in the future as well, enabling us to implement jointcooperative projects'', stated the Director of the Garden Mr. Irakli Archaia. He thanked the Director of the Organization Mr. Levan Chanukvadze for Active cooperation and support.

''It is rather important to sign the Memorandum and move out cooperation towards other state, which considers supporting in exchange of the plant seeds protected in the collection in nursery economies, through planting and refurbishment, caring activities of the plants, protecting the plants from parasite diseases and other activites'' – noted Mr. Levan Chanukvadze and expressed readiness that the parties shall constantly develop mutually beneficial contacts in various fields of their activity.

Irakli Archaia and Levan Chanukvadze also noted that the Botanica Garden and ''Agro Décor Service'' LTD will be cooperating in view of sharing the experience and exchanging mutually beneficial information, in the direction of taking care of the nursery-greenhouse economy and caring service of the plants.