III International Conference “Biodiversity and Georgia” held at the Visitors’ Centre of the National Botanical Garden of Georgia was dedicated to the International Day for Biological Diversity. The conference was held on May 18-19, in which the personnel of Batumi Botanical Garden participated. The conference consisted of the following 4 sessions:

  1. Biodiversity and sustainable tourism, ecological education (Chair: T. Darchidze);
  2. Diversity and conservation of the plants and habitats (Chairs: Sh. Sikharulidze, T. Barblishvili);
  3. Plant introduction, adaptation, plant collections and their management (Chair: P. Chaidze);
  4. Ethno-Botany, Plant Protection and Soil Studies, Flower Growing and decorative gardening (Chair: N. Eradze);

Presented papers (T. Vasadze, M. Kandelaki, L. Kodanov, Mm. Darchidze, P. Chaidze, D. Varshanidze) and Poster presentations (M. Japaridze) highlighted conservation of the biodiversity and its sustainable application.

At the conference the personnel of National Botanical Garden of Georgia were granted with two monographs: Malignant disease and medical treatment plants (author: R.Bidzinishvili); First Botanists and Anatomists of Georgia (Editor: Sh. Sikharulidze) and 12 new species for the collection of Batumi Botanical Garden.