On May 26, on the Independence Day of Georgia,Batumi Botanical Garden hosted the Exhibition of Roses for the second time.

At the collection plot of the Botanical Garden, the visitors were enabled to see 17 species and 145 cultural forms of the most attractive, charming, beautiful and aromatic roses represented at the exhibition, out of which tea hybrids, poliants, miniature and crawling and floristic types of roses are distinguished with special decorative types of roses.

It is noteworthythat introduction of the rose species at Batumi Botanic Gardenwas initiated since the day of its foundation in 1912-1914, though as seen from alternative sources all six species of the roses:General Schablikine T; MarechalNiel T; Marie van Houtte T; Papa Kontier T; Paul Nobonand T; Ros de Nice T.,were introduced earlier before foundation of the Garden in early 1908-1910. Out of these, only one specie, i.e. MarechalNiel. T.has been preserved down to the present day.

Collection plot of the roses was formed at Batumi BotanicalGarden in 1959, when importing and reproduction of the new hybrid forms of long-blooming species of roses, adapted to humid-climate conditions, resistant to various parasites and diseases on the basis of active study of bio-morphological and ecological peculiarities of the roses was actively launched.

At any season of the year, the visitors are enabled to see blooming species on the collection plot of the roses, the peak of booming, when the gamma of colours are jointly represented from May until September.

Roses are one of the most distinguished cultures for the decorative gardening. It is used as a pot culture, as well as for decorating the gardens and parks, residential yards, sidewalks, fences, Alpinarium, and vertical decorations.