Today, study, protection and conservation of the plans diversities serves as one of the main priorities of World Botanical Gardens. Batumi Botanical garden has been a member of BGCI since 1998 and has been respecting and following the aims and objectives of this organization. Therefore, flora monitoring, exposing rare and vanishing species, their protection and conservation, as well as highlighting the collection of the local flora in the garden are among significant and priority issues for Batumi Botanical Garden.

The results of multi-year works showed that high-mountainous plants have difficulty getting adapted with natural conditions of the Black Seaside; therefore highlighting their collection in most cases is impossible at Batumi Botanical garden.

In view of the actual importance of the issue, it was decided to establish an Alpine Garden at the base of Batumi Botanical Garden, where special and eco-systemic diversity of the flora characteristic for Ajara highlands will be represented.

Relevant territory was allocated in the environs of Goderdzi Pass, covering the area of 10 hectare and being currently naturally represented with the habitats of forest, as well as rocky sediments, puddle and humid meadow. Today, these habitats are represented in a degraded form, though after fencing existing habitats will be restored and simultaneously gradually filled with the species brought from other slopes.

“Adjaristsqali Georgia” LLC and International Donor Organization “Merci Corps” support Batumi Botanical Garden in implementation of this glorious and rather important deed. With the funding of International Donor Organization “Merci Corps” the future manager of Alpine Garden Chief Specialist at the Department of Local Flora and Conservation Mr. Temur Vasadze was selected and for correct planning and successful functioning of the Alpine garden sent to Munich, Germany, in Munich and Neuherberg Botanical Garden, as well Schachen Botanical Garden.

In view of the existing situation it can be said that Goderdzi Alpine Garden has a great potential for development, being first of all favorable for conservation and highlighting of the local flora diversity as well as for the local population.