From September 11 until October 7, in the frame of cooperation between Batumi Botanical Gardena and Munich-Nymphenburg Botanical Garden (Germany), Batumi Botanical garden was visited by the Gardener (stone garden specialist) of Gardener from Munich-Nymphenburg Botanical Garden Hemlut Viismet, having assisted the Botanical Garden in construction of the Aplinarium Fragment.

Alpinaium (stone garden) is a basic element of the Alpine Garden, therefore its correct planning and construction serves as an important component.

The following activiites were implemented during Helmut Viismet’s visit to Goderdzi Alpine Garden:

- Designing Rockarium (graphic planning, designing the outline).

- Useful so called “pocketed stones” useful, of proper form, size and surficae of volcanic origina were selected for construction of the Rockarium;

- Preparation of the soil surface (cleaning from other species), preparing a soil sub-strata.

- Forming the compositions for Rockarium Stone construction.

- Defining plant assortment to be cultivated on the Rockarium and developing their re-allocation scheme.

- Re-qualification of the local specialists.

Currently, three framgnets of the Alpinarium Arragenement works are competed (7 percent of the total area) and its consruction will be continued from the following year with the help of foreign specialists.

Completion of the Alpinarium Construction will approximately need five years, whereas collection of the plant collections – hundred years.