On October 13, 2017 by the organization of Batumi Botanical Garden an International workshop “ Integrated Management of the Parasite Diseases Spread in Georgia” was held at the Hotel Dreamland Oasis.

The workshop was opened by the Director of the Garden Mr. Irakli Archaia, introducing the guests with the aims and objectives of the meeting.

Head of the Phyto-Sanitary Department of the Garden Miranda Tserodze talked about the ongoing project for protection of the plants funded by the International Cooperation and Coordination Agency at the Administration of the Prime Minister of Turkey (TIKA).

The representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, Environment Protection Directorate, Food and Forestry Agencies, various scientific-research and academic institutions, as well as professor of Artvin Chorokhi University Temel Gogturk were among invited guests, who introduced the audience their researches upon the hazardous parasite diseases spread in Georgia.