On May 13-17, 2018 the Head of Exotic Plant Department of Batumi Botanical Garden Ms. JulietaJakeli and Curator of the Northern American and Mexican Plan Collection Ms. Mariam Kandelaki paid a business trip to the Central Botanical Garden of the Science Academy of the Republic of Belarus.

Minsk Central Botanical Garden owns a rich scientific-research base in the direction of plant introduction and acclimatization, plant bio-chemistry and bio-technology, decorative gardening and landscape architecture and environment protection.

Separate items of the memorandum signed betweenMinsk Central Botanical Garden and Batumi Botanical Garden foresees internship of young specialist and sharing experience. In the frame of the visit, introduction of the familyRhododendron L., as well as the bio-ecological peculiarities in the culture, bringing the family of theRhododendron L. Growing at Batumi Botanical Garden (being difficult for reproduction purposes, in the form of unit ,,invitro,, cultures).

Business meetings were held with the Directors of Minsk Central Botanical Garden, member-correspondents of the Science Academy of the Republic of Belarus – Mr. VladimisTitok, Deputy Director in the Scientific Field Mr. Ivan Volodko, beign at the same time a scientific consultant of the PhD Student Mariam Kandelaki, Research Secretary – Ms. LudmilaGoncharova and other representatives of the Administration.

In the frame of mutual cooperation, the Director of the Plan Bi-Chemistry and Bio-Technology Laboratory - member-correspondent of the Science Academy of the Republic of Belarus and scientific personnel – VeronikaPhilipenia and Olga Chijik on the basis of preliminary agreement expressed willingness for sharing experience of reproducing micro-clonal culture in in vitro culture of the problematic plant species in terms of reproduction represented with rare and unit samples at Batumi Botanic Garden (Rhododendron L.). In order to accomplish the technology for reproducing micro-clonal plans it is necessary to activate the researches, development of optimal and perfect conditions, being a precondition for successful realization of the morph-genetic peculiarities of the plant cells.

From Minsk Central Botanical Gardenthe collection of decorative gardening of Batumi Botanical Garden was enriched with 24 stems of live plants of 24 taxon from the family of iris, chrysanthemums, hemerocallis, rose garden forms.

115 stems of exotic plant collections 115 stems of 30 taxons of the family Rhododendron L. Were introduced, as well as 46 stem live plants of 10 species of the aromatic water decorative plants.

For the Scientific Library, printed valuable materials of 4types were brought, which were granted to the Library Foundation.