On June 21, Scientific Director of Munich- Nymphenburg Botanical Garden Doctor Andreas Gröger and Doctor Wolfram Lobin (Former Curator of Bohn University Botanical Garden, Emeritus Professor from 2017) visited Batumi Botanical Garden, who during the visited participated in joint Botanical Expeditions in Ajara Forest eco-systems, on project territory of Goderdzi Alpie Garden and Egrisi Mountain Range (Samegrelo Region).

On June 27, 2017 Doctor Andreas Groger introduced actions strategies of modern botanical gardens to the Garden personnel. In accordance with the decision adopted in 1993 of Biological Diversity Convention and Nagoya Protocol 2010, the following tasks were imposed on the Botanical Gardens: raising public awareness, survey and instruction, protection of the nature and plant species.

Botanical Gardens and institutions involved in the IPEN have greatly contributed to implementing these aims and objectives, being relevant to the requirements of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) with the system of exchanging plant materials, research of the genetic resources, being the best means for conservation of the genetic resources.

IPEN regulates exchanged of the seed materials between the Botanical Gardens, its documenting and research. This is a continuous chain, which ensures transparency of the processes, standardization of acceptance and delivery of seed materials, as well as identification of seed materials and long-term partnership non commercial relationship between the Botanical Gardens.

IPEN incorporates 2 institutions from Georgia, 48 from Germany, 20 from Holland, 14 from Switzerland, 11 from Italy, 10 from France, 10 from Spain, 9 from Austria, 8 from Portugal, 7 from Britain, 3 from Belgium, 3 from Finland, 3 from Greece, 3 from Sweden, 3 from Hungary, 2 from Island, 2 from Croatia, 2 from Lithuania, 2 from Romania, 2 from Russian, 1 from Luxembourg, 1 from Czech Republic, 4 from the USA, 4 from Argentina, 2 from Israel, 1 Botanical Garden from New Zealand.

Since 2013 Seed foundation of Batumi Botanical Garden has been actively involved in IPEN, via which it has close non-commercial relationship with 200 Botanical Gardens of the USA, Europe and Asian Countries.

The knowledge received from the seminars delivered by Andreas Gröger and Wolfram Lobin upon the exchange of the seed species with high conservative value will give great opportunity to Batumi Botanical Garden to further deepen the relations with various Botanical Institutions of the World, being relevant to the aims and action plan set with the program of the International Board of the Plant Conservation recognized with Biodiversity Convention.