Today Batumi Botanical Garden hosted a traditional Fair-Exhibition of cones, being held for the fourth time for creating New Year mood, popularization of code species in the garden and in general, raising awareness about the Garden.

Since morning Giorgi Gabrichidze Park of Batumi Botanical Garden has been decorated, where festive mood, music and special environment adding to the mood of the garden gusts and visitors.

“I am honored to greet and congratulate you on coming New Year and Christmas! Let me wish you health, progress, happiness and joy. It is of great importance for us to host this traditional exhibition and popularization of the species of presented cones. I am convinced that the accessoried made from cones will further add to the New Year mood”, noted the Director of the Garden Mr. Irakli Archaia in his welcome speech, thanking Marketing Department of the Garden as well as the personnel involved in event organizing for making every effort for high-level organization of the event.

Deputy Mayor of Batumi Ms. Lela Surmanidze congratulated exhibition guests and participants on coming New Year and Christmas and wished them success. “What I have witnessed today is indeed impressive. Each exponent is of particular beauty and creates a special festive mood. I am convinced that New Year Accessories and handicrafts made from presented cones will be an original purchase for each of us”, noted Deputy Mayor.

Up to 60 cone species were presented at the Exhibition. The sale of the New Year Accessories made from the cones were held. The guests of the exhibitions were served with special cone jam by the LTD “Kalakuri” (Director Jaba Abeslamidze).