On July 25-28, Working Group of the Department of Local Flora and Conservation of the Garden, under the leadership of the Head of the Department David Kharazishvili visited Khulo and Shuakhevi Municipalities.

Field visit was held within the frame of the working program of the department – “Works for filling-restoration and caring for the species of local flora in the garden” and with the purpose of collecting the seeds of the wild flora species.

Working group visited the gorges of the rivers: Chirukhitskali (Chirukhi and Gomi Mountains), Adjaristsqali (Goderdzi Pass) and Chavnistskali (Gomi and Nagvarevi Mountains).

480 leaves of herbarium and 15 seeds of the local flora were collected by the working group, being passed to the Sector of Seed Breeding of Exotic Plan Collection at the Garden.