Entrance Price

8 GEL - Adult ticket per person

1 GEL - Children up to 16

Entrance is free for:

  • Veterans of Georgian armed forces and other war veterans
  • persons with disabilities
  • orphans
  • young adults without parents’ care (students)
  • 10 year old children and their family members, whose Social Rating Score does not exceed 100 000. This benefit will be granted after presenting proper documentation.

Monthly pass for Visiting Garden:

  • 30 GEL individual monthly pass (identification required)
  • 45 GEL 2-person monthly pass (identification required)
  • 60 GEL family monthly pass (family members’ identification required)
  • 50 GEL individual annual pass (identification required)
  • 70 GEL 2-person annual pass (identification required)
  • 100 GEL family annual pass (family members’ identification required)

Pass owners will be admitted to the Garden once a day, without time limit