Batumi Botanical Garden • Discover the world's subtropical flora! - Alpine botanical garden

Goderdzi Alpine Garden is located in the Khulo Municipality (mountainous Adjara), at the distance of 112 km from Batumi, at sea level of 1859-1960 m. Its area is 96,344 sq. m.

Average annual temperature is 2.50C; the absolute minimum of -24.4 0C was recorded; Average annual precipitation reaches 1,623 mm. Snow cover reaches 2-4 m in winter season. Average annual relative humidity is 84%.

Visitors to the Garden can see naturally growing vegetation typical for subalpine and alpine areas, and diversity of habitats, in particular: forest, marsh, grassland, lake, and dry ecotope.

Visits are available during the period from June to October including.


The main purpose of the Goderdzi Alpine Garden is a collection of high-mountain plants of the Caucasian ecoregion, plant conservation, facilitation to ecological education, development of rural tourism, and rehabilitation of subalpine forest strips.

Plant collection

161 species of wild plants from 111 genera, 50 families are growing naturally on the territory of the Garden, among them 7 species are trees, 10 - shrubs, and 144 - grasses.

Spruce-fir forests in the Goderdzi Alpine Garden are present in the zone of natural habitation, in the form of mixed forest.

Beech forest is also present in the zone of natural habitation, in the form of giant trees (height - 30 m, and diameter - 1.5 m).

Alpinarium (rock garden) is a main element of alpine gardens, in which arrangement of stones is similar to the disposition existing in the natural environment. Building of the Alpinarium started in 2017, with the help of Helmut Wiismet, the Gardener of the Munich-Nymphenburg Botanical Garden (Germany) and Pascal Salze, the gardener of the Lautaret Alpine Garden (Grenoble, France). Plants natural to the dry ecotope of high-mountain areas of Georgia and Caucasus will be collected in the Alpinarium.

Natural marsh area is located adjacent to the lake, on the area of 600 sq. m.


Most part of the territory is intended for recreational area, where benches and pedestrian paths are arranged. Open and close type pavilions, small pond, and spring are located in the picnic area.


The Alpine Garden hosts beehives in the form of Jara - traditional Georgian beehive made from a hollowed log cut in two, and Beekeeper's House, in which educational materials, traditional beekeeping devices are exhibited along with informational boards.

Implemented projects

Drawn up:

  • Situation plan existing in the Goderdzi Alpine Garden,
  • Zoning map,
  • Infrastructural projects.


  • Toilets,
  • Ticket booth,
  • Parking,
  • Water supply/sewerage system,
  • Internal tourist roads and paths,
  • Beekeper's House
  • Administrative house,
  • Parking fence,
  • Indicating structure,
  • Camping space,
  • Plant nursery,
  • Spring and picnic area, and
  • Solar cells.

Project supporters

Batumi City Hall, Khulo City Hall, the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara, the Alliances Caucasus Programme financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by the Mercy Corps, Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC, and Batumi Botanical Garden.