Batumi Botanical Garden • Discover the world's subtropical flora! - CONTACT

ADDRESS: ''Mtsvane Kontskhi'' (Green Cape) Settlement, Post Index: 6411

Tel.: +995 422 270033/246233 E-mail:

Contact persons:

Jemal Tsulukidze – Public Relations Coordinator at Batumi Botanical Garden; Tel: +995 577 436443, E-mail:

Please not that the territory of Batumi Botanical Garden can be accessed:

In the direction of Former rural Agricultural Institute (Pass) with Micro Bus N 15

From the side of the Green Cape with Micro Bus N 31

From Chakvi side with the Buses running the routes of Batumi-Kobuleti (#155, #133) and Micro Buses (#123, #40), their Stop Stations are located at the distance of 1100 m from the Garden.