On October 16, 2017 the event dedicated to 80th anniversary of a Famous Georgian Scientist, Researcher of Kolkheti Vegetation Coverage, Candidate of Bilogogical Sciences Vazha Memiadze was opened at the Conference Hall of Batumi Botanical Garden Administration Building.

Jubilee meeting was opened by Mr. Irakli Archaia, talking about the personal contribution of Mr. Vazha Memiadze.

Head of Local Flora and Conservation Department of the Garden Mr. David Kharazishvili made a presentation upon the life and scientific achievements of the honorary scientist.

Professors of Shota Rustaveli Batumi State University Murnam Davitadze and Nana Zarnadze talked about the accomplishments and scientific-research values of Vazha Memiadze.

A decent personality and perfect scientist was recalled by the Garden personnel: Bidzina Pertselidze, Zurab Manvelidze, Julieta Jakeli, Marina Tatarishvili, Nana Kontselidze, Maria Ovchenikova, Dali Kirkitadze, Tsitsino Tsitsvidze, Nani Jordania, Vazha Memiadze’s daughter Nino Memiadze and others.

As it was noted at the meeting, Vazha Memiadze occupies a decent position in protection, study and popularization of the nature.

Under his initiation, an artificial lake was planned and further cultivated in the lowland of then humid subtropical florist department of Trans Caucasus at the botanical Garden, which still remains as one of the picturesque and visitor-attractive spots. Royal fern plants were also planned in the decorative part of the upper Park under the scientist’s initiation, being also attracted by the visitors.

During 1976-1990 Vazha Memiadze managed Botany Department of the Botanical Garden. Under his leadership, study of the bio-ecology of rare species as well as the species at the edge of extinction occupied an important place in the scientific thematics, as well as developing the measures for their protection. The first list of the rare species for Ajara was specified by him, in which rare plant sspecies are divided into various categories according to rareness. Four hectare area was allocated from the Florist department under his initiative, being considered for ex-situ conservation of rare species, studying their biology, reproduction, popularization and wide introduction in the public, being also actual and important for the garden.

Mr. Vazha used to a man with multiple gift, being an expert in theory and practice. He developed tenths of scientific works, among them monographs: “Diversity of Kintrishi Flora and Vegetation”, “Akjara Flora Protection Objects and their restorative measures”, “Rare plants of Georgia”, “Cultivated, rare and vanishing plants at Batumi Botanical Garden”, etc. Herbarium materials collected by him are preserved in the Herbarium Foundations of Batumi, Tbilisi and various countries.

Vazha Memiadze greatly contributed to the development of Georgian Botanical Science, protection of the nature and its multilateral highlighting. Hhonorable scientist served to his own region. His devotedness towards the work serves as a vivid example for future generation.

Jubilee events to be continued until October 20 considers lectures and seminars, as well as field trips on the territory of the Botanical Garden, in which the students from Shota Rustaveli Batumi State University, Lectures and Professors as well as scientist worker of the Botanical Gardens will be actively involved.