On August 16-17, 2018 the Dendrologists from Vilnius State University (Lietuva) Mr. Egisius Karbelis (Team Leader), Vitautas Kuzma, Raimonda Simenaite and Neringa Lelite paid an official visit to Batumi Botanical Garden.

The colleagues from Vilnius were professionally guided by the Head of Exotic Plant Department of Batumi Botanical Garden Julieta Jakeli and Curators of the Department.

The guests got introduced to florist richness of the Garden according to separate phyto-geographic department. A particular interest was shown to the exotic species of Northern America. Colleagues’ sphere of interests included the issues, i.e. functioning of the Garden Seed Foundation, searching collections, the woody plants research of the Garden, searching the collection and documenting, selection of the assortment of them, growing and coordinating planning, the measures for taking care, agro-technical measures for taking care, protection of the plants from the diseases and parasites.

On August 17, a group of Dendrologists visited the Mtirala National Park. Head of the Department of Local Flora and Conservation Nino Memiadze guided the guests in a qualified way.

The guests thanked the Administration of Batumi Botanical Garden, Coordinator of the International Programs and Relations Zurab Manvelidze for supporting and promoting the Visit.