Flowery-grassy plants represent one of the constituent part of the collections of Batumi Botanical Garden (one-year, two-year, perennial), which need growing and diversification.

With this purpose, by the invitation of the Director of N.N. Grishko National Botanical Garden (Kiev) Member-Correspondent of of Ukrainian Science Academy N. V. Zaimenko from October 20 to October 27 Head of the Decorative Plant Division of Batumi Botanical Garden Ms. Marine Tatarashvili and Curator of the Parks at the same division Ms. Magdana Japaridze were invited to N.N. Grishko National Botanical Garden, where they had meetings with their Ukrainian colleagues.

In the period of the business trip, The Garden personnel got acquainted with the collection of open and closed soil plant collections of N.N. Grishko National Botanical Garden and the Botanical Garden named after the Academician of T. Chevchenko National University A.V. Fomin, which in the form of saplings have brought 93 plants of 93 taxon: Hemerokalis – 20, Cana -17, iris -16, astilbe -10, heuchera - 6, various less spread multi-year breeds-7, Japanese Camelia -6, various citrus -11; 47 grafts of 13 taxons: 30 grafts of the rose breed, 17 grafts of 33 fruit taxons. Introduced plants are new for the collection of the Botanical Garden.

Rather productive meetings were held with Ukrainian florists, head of the Fruit Plant Introduction Debarment of N.N. Grishko National Botanical Garden of Ukraine, Doctor of the Biology Sciences S.V. Klimenko.

In the frame of the business trip, Marine Tatarashvili and Magdana Japardize also took part in the scientific conference on the topic: “Issues of Preservation and Enriching the Plants at Botanical Gardens and Dendrology Parks”. The above-mentioned conference was dedicated to the memory of the member of National Science Academy of Ukraine, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor M.A. Kokhno. The Participants of the conference visited Sofievsky Dendrology Park, occupying an area of 179 hectare and is an example of the world garden-parking art.

The climax of the business trip was the festival of chrysanthemums, being organized by the Planting Service of Kiev.

Visit in Ukraine, in particular at N.N. Grishko National Botanical Garden of Ukraine and at the Botanical Garden of T. Shevchenko National University named after the Academician A.V. Fomin proved to be rather effective and significant for further strengthening and development of flower-growing direction.